Company Break Through: DaGr8FM

Kudos go to our client DaGr8FM for launching their Apple App on March 25, 2015. A remarkable milestone for this great company on the rise. They are truly “connecting the world through music”

The online radio station started their journey three years ago creating a new wave in the indie music market by offering BDS spins and royalty opportunities to independent artists around the world. The company partnered with Triple One Marketing and Management to offer artist development, helping to cultivate muDaGr8Fm Apple Appsicians and their craft to gain financially through their efforts.

After numerous achievement starting with their company launch, followed by a rapid global reach gaining significant listeners not only throughout the United States but Overseas in Europe and Asia, to their newest accomplishment of Launch the DaGr8FM Apple App adding yet another notch on their belt of success.

Download this dynamic app and check out this great company online.